Our Clients

Realtors - Selling

When showing a vacant home, bring  your Size & Space kit and show clients how they can arrange their own furniture when they move in. Keep clients in the home longer.

Realtors - Closing

Offer service beyond the sale! Offer your Size & Space to clients so they can go to their new home and layout the furniture before the movers arrive.

Moving Companies

If their Realtor doesn't have one, then you should! Having a floor plan when the truck arrives will save time, money and an aching back.

Interior Designers

Sometimes, your clients' eyes are bigger than their spaces. Size & Space gives them a real-time demonstration of what will fit.

Senior Move Managers

Years of treasures simply won't fit. Take your clients to their new home and show them which pieces they can take with them.

Home Stagers

When your client only pays for the main rooms to be staged, offer Size & Space as a way to display furniture possibilities in other rooms.

Why We're Different

How do you demonstrate a space?

Still using a tape measure, sketch pad, or computer design app? Putting yourself up against a wall to show the King size bed will fit?

Size & Space lets your clients test drive the room.

Real Time in a Real Space

Size & Space allows anyone to plan a room.  They can move their furniture into any space, watch it come to life and try it for flow and function. 

The 9 pieces in the set represent American standard furniture and fit neatly into a convenient nylon carrying case. The system includes: 

  • 2 twin beds - one is also used as a rectangular dining table with one leaf, an oval table, or a 3-seat sofa, the second can be used side-by-side with the first to make a King bed, or overlapping to make a Queen or Double bed. It can also have one end folded over to become a 2 person love seat
  • 2 night stand/side table - can also be placed as dining chairs
  • 1 high boy dresser - can also be used as a sofa chaise extension
  • 1 low 3-drawer dresser - can also be used as an entertainment center
  • 1 armchair - can also be used as a high bar/bistro table
  • 1 shelving unit - can also be used as a coffee table
  • 1 small bookcase
  • Plus shoulder strap carrying bag

*    *   *    *   

  • Interactive – clients move pieces around and find the best way to live in the space  
  • Versatile – 9-piece set works for every room in a house  
  • Convenient – lightweight, easy to carry  
  • Durable – high quality color printing on washable, flexible vinyl, will last for years  
  • Cost effective – Money back guarantee     

Long lasting and Guaranteed

We've tested it under the toughest conditions. It passed without a wrinkle (because you simply roll it out and the wrinkles disappear). Try it with our money back guarantee.