Care Instructions

Easy Care

Always roll and return to the carrying case using the cardboard tube for stability

  • Don't roll too tightly
  • Occasionally roll in the opposite direction
  • Don't fold or crease the product

Loose Threads: Snip carefully with scissors. (Don't tug on them!)

Dirt:  Lay flat and gently wipe or wash with a damp cloth. A mild detergent can be used.

Wrinkles or creases: A hot, wet towel moved over the crease will diminish it. Or, you can try a hand garment steamer from approximately 30 cm away. However, if you either lay it out flat overnight, or roll and store, wrinkles generally come out on their own

Curled ends or edges: Roll in the opposite direction for 5 minutes

Frozen/Heated (from leaving in car in frigid or hot climate): bring to room temperature, roll out flat for 5 minutes. As often as possible, store Size & Space at room temperature.